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these lovely ones say-

 "I am beyond excited right now! I just left Harlowe's house with a huge smile plastered across my face. I am now the proud owner of a bra with tearaway cups! I cannot believe that Harlowe was able to find a way to make this work considering how huge my chest is. And the the best part is that the bra does not look like a hideous over-the shoulder-boulder-holder. She made it look amazing. If you ever need help costuming, especially intricate or complicated pieces, Harlowe Starr is your girl!!"   

 ----Betty Jane Buxom

"I've had the pleasure of working with Harlowe for over 3 years on custom- bespoke costuming. Not only is she incredibly detail oriented and professional, but she always has a way of making her clients feel totally comfortable and welcomed. She is a warm, creative spirit who is always eager to take on new and unique ideas. She is knowledgeable about how fabric works on stage, and takes the time to educate her customers. All the costumes I've received from Harlowe are gorgeous and have stood up well to the wear and tear of striptease on stage!"

------Maxi Millions

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