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About Me


Dance, art and sewing

After a lifetime of artmaking, painting, sculpture, jewelry and ceramics, and always ready for a new learning experience, my hubs and I started dance lessons. It started with a "ballroom sampler".  


After fifteen years of dance, from swing dancing, salsa, salon-style tango, belly dancing, and finally burlesque (my stage name was Harlowe Starr), I realized the most joy I get from all this is making the dress or costume to dance in.  Hello, and thank you BurlyCon 2014, where the revelation comes from the question...what is my PASSION?

Sewing! I'd rather design and sew the garment to wear than practice choreography. I dream about sewing. Fabrics are my addiction. The colors, textures, the slinky feel you get from satin, sweet and naughty lace, luxurious velvet, silk, linen, cotton, wool...polyesters are fabulous too...so many options! No wonder, I've been sewing since I was a little girl, when my mother taught me to sew, and my Nana taught me to embroider. I'm always eager to make something new with textiles.

The joy of making

To be able to make a vision from you come to fruition, to make an idea a reality, a choreo really work, I know that you need a specialized garment, that fits and functions perfectly. Let's take a delightful journey to create a perfectly fitting garment for you. We cam make your vision come to life.

How does this work?

We'll have a consultation, where I can draw up what you want, talk about fabrics, function, and fit. You'll be purchasing your fabric, with my guidance. Fabrics bought on line can be shipped to me. Depending on the complexity of the garment, I'll make a toile (or fitting tester for the piece) that we  can make adjustments to. Then I'll make your piece with the fashion fabric. We'll have another fitting or two to make sure it's perfect. 


And, if you have a dress that doesn't quite fit you right, or you want to modify, I do alterations, too.  Let's make magic together.